Monday, February 11, 2008

Unlikely String of Events

Who would have thought that Gov. Romney would drop out of race for the Republican nominee? Who would have thought that Gov. Huckabee would have won Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and West Virginia on Super Tuesday? Who would have thought that Gov. Huckabee would sweep the floor in Kansas with Sen. McCain? The answer to these questions is very few.

But here we are on February 11, 2008. Gov. Huckabee has 217 delegates with possibly more depending on the outcome of Washington State were the vote was halted after only 87% was counted and only 242 votes separating Huckcabee and McCain leaving approximately 1500 votes uncounted! I told a friend that I thought Washington State would go to McCain, but I didn't figure it would come about by throwing out 1500 votes. After all, that's what happened when Mr. Luke Esser, Washington State Party Chairman, decided not to count them. I digress.

Certainly, Gov. Huckabee is the only remaining conservative left in the Republican primary. Why doesn't the conservative arm of America wake up?! Granted, it will be very difficult for Huckabee to role back the momentum McCain gained out of Super Tuesday. Some would say it is impossible. Huckabee says that he believes in miracles. Well, I do to. A change is coming. Eyes will be opened. What is impossible with man is possible with God! Watch and pray!

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